General Information

All VAST launches are open to the public. We welcome non-member participation as appropriate.


Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian. Please watch your children and do not allow them to wander around unsupervised.


Pets are allowed at our launches but we ask that they not be allowed to wander around unsupervised. Leashes are encouraged both for the safety of your pet as well as other launch attendees.


The VAST Standing Daytime Launch Site Waiver is for 10,000 feet AGL although do not assume that flights to this altitude will be approved due to weather conditions. The Research waiver is for 9,000 feet AGL (90% of standing waiver) and the Nighttime waiver is for 1,500 feet AGL.


It is recommended that all flights over 2,000 feet be equipped with dual-deployment of some type due to the overall size of our launch site and proximity of nearby trees.


Scheduled range times are posted for each launch.


We are a chartered Prefecture of the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) and a Section of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR), therefore our launches follow both safety codes as applicable.


Only Senior TRA or NAR Members (18 & Over) will be allowed past the flight line onto the high power range during Tripoli Research launches. All Senior TRA & NAR Members (18 & Over) may fly commercial motors within your High Power Certification Level but only those TRA members at least Certified Level 2 are allowed to fly research motors at these same events.


Any flyer wishing to fly High Power motors must have a current TRA or NAR membership card indicating their certification level. If you cannot produce your card or other proof of certification level, you will not be allowed to fly high power.


Level 1 and Level 2 High Power Certification attempts (both TRA and NAR) can be made at our launches provided advance notice is given. We need time to ensure we have the proper paperwork and the qualified certifying individual will be available. If no notice is given, we cannot guarantee your attempt will be permitted.


We launch year round and have a diverse climate in Virginia, especially in the mountains of western Virginia. Access to the range area is by gravel road so the likelihood of getting stuck is low. Field conditions can vary from being soggy & wet to hard & dry. Being in the mountains with an elevation of nearly 2,700 feet, temperatures are typically around 10 degrees cooler than other areas of the state. Please plan accordingly and wear appropriate clothing and footwear for best comfort.


Please pick your trash up and take it with you or place it in one of the trash containers provided by VAST.


Membership with VAST or the national organizations is not a requirement to launch at most of our launches, but it is highly encouraged. If interested, VAST, TRA and NAR membership applications can be processed at any of our launches.


Please be respectful of the landowner's property at all times. We have been extremely fortunate with being allowed the use their land for our hobby and want to avoid situations that could jeopardize the future use of this beautiful launch site.

All flyers and vendors must obtain and/or use rocket motors and/or regulated items in compliance with any applicable Federal, State and Municipal laws, codes, rules and regulations. All flyers and vendors shall be solely responsible for compliance with all Federal, State and Municipal laws, codes, rules and regulations.

All flyers and vendors will indemnify and hold harmless the Valley AeroSpace Team, Inc and it's officers from and against any loss, expense, damage, or injury caused or occasioned directly or indirectly by their failure to comply with the provisions of said laws, codes, ordinances, rules, regulations, and requirements.


VAST has a porta-john available on-site for your convenience. There are also restrooms available in the town of Monterey (5 minutes away).


Range Fees


At this time, VAST does not charge launch fees at its monthly launches. Since we are a not-for-profit organization and conduct many STEM related outreach programs for locations throughout Virginia, donations are accepted and appreciated.


Launch Capabilities


The following launch equipment is available for use at VAST launches:


  • Model Rocket Launch Pads (A thru D motors) with 1/8”, 3/16” & 1/4” rods
  • Mid-Power Pads (E thru G motors) with 1/4” rods
  • High Power Pads (H+ motors & 25lbs. max.) with 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, & 3/4” rods, & 1010 rail
  • Large High Power Pad (70lbs. max.) with 1515 & Uni-Strut rail.
  • Motorized Tower Pad (trailer) with 1515 & Uni-Strut rail (will handle practically anything).

If you require additional equipment, please contact VAST with your needs and/or bring it with you.


VAST currently has no Hybrid GSE so if that’s what you’d like to fly, you’ll need to supply your own.

Due to the field limitations, VAST will review all high power flights on a case by case basis. Contact VAST with requests and/or additional information. VAST will make a decision once all appropriate information is received.


General Launch Procedures


Register at the registration table. You will be asked to show your valid TRA or NAR card if you are flying high power (H+ impulse).

Fill out your flight card with the appropriate information.

Present your rocket (without igniter installed on HPR rockets) to the RSO. He will inspect your rocket to identify any safety concerns. Once approved for flight, he will assign the pad.

Give your completed flight card to the LCO and when given the okay, take your rocket to the assigned pad, put it on the rod/rail, power on all electronics (if used), install the igniter, and attach the clips to the igniter leads.

Walk back to the flight line and wait for your flight to be announced and launched.

Once the LCO has declared the range open (or safe), retrieve your rocket.


Finding Your Rockets


You may be required to have some sort of locating device (active or passive) in your rocket depending on the criteria, including but not limited to, the anticipated altitude, total installed impulse, weight, & overall design. This will be determined by the RSO on duty or other VAST Members as necessary.

Use of a "beeper" is recommended for easier location, especially during the summer months when the grass is high.




Feel free to contact VAST with any questions you may have. We welcome all questions and comments and will get back to you as soon as possible.